Calavera Studio Update

Hello everyone!

For the last year we have been trying to start a new project as a team, but we didn’t have much success. Managing time, learning what we need and agreeing in a project has proven to be a real challenge. Especially since we have to do everything in our spare time.

One thing we did after MiniDoom2 that we really liked was getting together and playing the game. We did a couple of streams and it was a cool experience, even if we were really bad at reading and answering the questions and comments.

So we want to do that more often. It helps to get us motivated and to further our projects, and also to share what we are doing.

So we will be recording videos regularly starting this Saturday, and releasing a couple of them every week where we play some of our favorite video games and talk about game development, design, mechanics, narrative and just games in general along with some stories from our gaming pasts.

See you soon on…

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