MiniDOOM 2 – a parody retro platformer!

MiniDOOM 2 is a small retro platformer made as a 2D parody of the classic videogame DOOM. We created it as a way to learn game design and development and as a homage to all our favorite video games from the 80’s and 90’s.

It will be released February 2018! (after being delayed for almost a year… )

Inspired in old school games like Contra and Metalslug, MiniDoom 2 is an action platformer that puts you in a demon infested space military installation where you must violently exterminate the cartoony forces of evil with a wide array of weapons, from the classic shotgun to the legendary BFG9000 and many items and upgrades throughout the games’ 12 levels!

Teaser trailer

Early beta gameplay


About us

We are 2 brothers that make games and comics!

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