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MiniDoom 2

The game is already out!, please go to our DOWNLOAD PAGE to see all the new info and download the game for free!

I’ve been changing the game quite a bit since its release; trying to improve on its many flaws. MiniDoom was a project that was made in just a few weeks. We had to rush to release it, because we wanted to launch it alongside Doom 4 (Doom 2016). So the game was not tested enough, and is very barebones compared to what we had in mind.

I’m happy to see that MiniDoom has picked up some notoriety lately. So I’m gathering all these improvements and instead of just adding them to the old game or releasing a pack, we are making it a whole new standalone game, the way it was meant to be played from the beginning.

So we are giving this little project a final boost: MiniDOOM 2!!

What to expect:

6 Of course it will be a completely new game with new levels and a new boss.

2 A new overworld map will allow you to select levels and revisit completed areas.

5 Since the game will be longer, it will save your data.

3 What is a new game without new weapons? Each weapon will now have a counterpart for a total of 12 guns!

4 There will be a much wider variety of enemies to test your new guns on!

7 Not only the previously shown grenades but other new moves, powerups and mechanics too!

1 I believe this will be a better way to play the game.

What NOT to expect:

No mobile version – Sorry guys. I’m trying to export a Mac version though!

No multiplayer – It doesn’t seem viable for a small project like this one.


Some differences:

The original MiniDOOM was based on DOOM 1. This one will not be limited to any Doom version in specific. We decided to just have fun with it so it will mix elements from all the Doom games!

knight arch

You will be able to fight classical Arch-Viles alongside with new Hell Knights.


Really dig the new revenant design. (sorry no diagonal shooting yet :p)


To deal with the new amount of weapons a quick select mechanic is already added. Like the one in Doom4. (also a peek to 2 of the new weapons)

These and many, many more features will come to MiniDoom 2!

The release date for now looks to be late november 2016. Will keep on posting till then.


56 thoughts on “MiniDoom 2

  1. I’m very excited for MiniDoom 2! I just beat the first one and can’t wait to play slay more demons! MiniDoom 2 looks very promising and if it’s anything ike the first one, it will be great!

    1. Awesome to read that! We are working hard to make it a much better game.

  2. oh shiet i need this :D!!!

  3. NOVEMBER!!!!, When Release??

    1. Hello! Well as written we are hoping for a late November release. We are working hard on Minidoom2! It will be done at around the end of the month.

      1. when is this coming out man

  4. Very nice job guys! I enjoyed the 1st mini doom a lot! Good job

  5. Hello! I have seen your work on Mini DOOM and I loved it! It was very appealing to me because I have played the original DOOM (1993) and DOOM II. I do have a few questions on Mini DOOM II.

    Which DOOM will Mini DOOM II be based on? (I know you said it would be a mix, but which will be shown the most?)

    How will the controller support work?

    Can I use a USB Controller for said controller support?

    Would you consider making a Mini DOOM III? (Far fetched, I know.)

    I also have some sort of idea for a boss battle: DoomGuy Vs. The Classic and Modern versions of the CyberDemon. I hope it will be great as the first, and I wish you good luck!

    If you need to contact me my email is:

    [email protected]

    1. Hi! Well the game has many elements of DOOM3 and DOOM2016 but it is still mostly based on the classic DOOM1 and 2. Though the game takes place in Mars and hell rather than on the moons.

      We are testing with an xbox controller and the game should support any generic gamepad on windows. Mac version will probably not have controller support 🙁 At any moment you can select if you want to use keyboard, keyboard and mouse or gamepad. And we are working on making the keybindings changeable.

      Yes, we would consider making a third installment. We like this game a lot, it all depends on how it goes with 2. But we wont be making it right away, we’ll probably focus on other projects for a while.

      We are working on a big boss battle, and are still debating on if it will be the old cyber demon, but it most certainly will not be BOTH cyber demons!! haha

      1. Thanks for responding and answering my questions! Hopefully Mini DOOM II will be as fun as the first! I wish you good luck and it’ll be worth the wait!

      2. can’t wait for a mac version!

  6. Hey, just discovered you guys today. HUGE DooM fan, I need all things DooM! Just downloaded mini DooM today and it looks awesome! Already looking forward to the next installment! I just want to say keep up the good work and thank you for making these. Take as much time as you need to perfect it. For those who are impatient, it’s a free game, which they make no profit from, so just be glad they decided to make this.

    1. Thanks for the support! Haha yeah the game gets delayed because we keep adding more and more content than we originally planned!

      1. will a mac version be released just for minidoom 2 or minidoom 1 as well?

        1. Just for MiniDoom2, at least for now.

  7. […] A few months ago MiniDoom 1 got released for Windows PC, the behind this awesome Doom remake calavera studio just announced MiniDoom 2! It will be a completely new game with new levels and a new end-boss. A new overworld map will allow you to select levels and revisit completed areas, and the new release will come will save options. To deal with the new amount of 12 new weapons a quick select mechanic is already added, like the one in Doom 4. For more information please visit […]

  8. I can’t afford DOOM 4, so I decided to try this! btw I would pay money for this.

  9. Is MiniDoom 2 coming out this week or will it be delayed once more? Just asking because I can’t wait to get my hand on that one.

  10. minidoom 2 pls pls

  11. minidoom 2 have launched??

  12. Hey! es 2017 y aun no logro terminar Mini Doom I XD pero es genial! espero que pronto tengan listo el segundo.

  13. When is minidoom2 coming out?

  14. Hello, we are near to february, when do you launch the minidoom 2, i can not wait moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Hello, we had a short break for the holidays. But now we are back! It wont be long before its out!

      1. Thank you, we are waiting

  15. But its 2017…

  16. Release date yet?

  17. How about progress? Looking forward…

  18. is the game still coming ?

    1. Na probably not

  19. any progress update ??

    1. Thanks for the patience. We are still hard at work on miniDoom2 and want to release as soon as we can. I just updated the blog, we were finishing the final boss and level, things we can’t really share much about. I can’t give a date yet, all I can say is that the game will be out this 2017.

      1. I really apreciate your work, all doom lovers are waitting for this. My best wishes and Thank you very much.

      2. Is still coming out this 2017??


  21. hello, is 2018 🙂

    1. Hi, yeah we missed the 2017 holidays release date. Looks like we are crap with estimating how much work we have left to do. I’m currently working on the release trailer so that should mean its no more than 2 weeks away, lets hope.

      1. Thank you very much Felipe, we are waiting

  22. Hey guys 2018. Please Demo our Beta

  23. 2018 25 01

  24. No mac version?

    Sigh ..


    1. It’s coming!!! it should be out sometime next week!!

  25. are you guys having luck exporting the mac version? tnx XD

    1. It’s coming!!! it should be out sometime next week!!

  26. stuck in Argent Tower, can’t do a rocketjump in secret location=( Did you try?


  28. Your are the best, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. many of us looking for some Mac version of this game, perhaps you guys can do it? Thanks a lot

    1. We are working on it! Hopefully by the end of this week!

  30. I really must say, this game looks like a “mini” masterpiece. I am among those waiting for the mac conversion to be done so I haven’t played the game yet BUT this also got me thinking: it would be really awesome if you could make a dvd version with the box sleeve, manual, and all to sell. I know I would like to own it. Nothing fancy, kind of like the first doom box (the floppy disks version) but with the dvd and a slimmer package. I think that few collector and old affectionados would love to have this small piece of history. At the same time I am not a lawyer so probably you should check the legal side of the idea as well, weather it falls under the freeware part of the franchise or under the copyrighted side. Anyhow great work and good luck with all your future projects, thanks for making this fantastic game!

  31. .. or a usb stick instead of the dvd XD

  32. Anyone with tips on the rocket jump. Can’t seem to get it down and not finding any help on it.

    1. Hello, rocketjumping is a bit tricky. I’d say the best way to do it is to fire a missile just as you are reaching the peak of your maximum jump distance, so the explosion hits you with its edge as it reaches its max size.
      In this gameplay you can see it executed:

  33. no mac version yet 🙁

  34. hi guys are you still working on minidoom2 for mac ? Thank you!

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