The Skullcast

The Skullcast

So, last posts we mentioned how we at Calavera are doing sort of each our own thing for now. It will probably be a while until we can make new posts about progress in our new projects.

But we didn’t want the team to dissolve, getting together last year to play miniDoom was very motivating for all of us. So we decided that’s something we want to do and something that it is possible to do every week.

So this is our attempt to return to productivity. We will make these weekly meetings a sort of podcast and talk about our favorites games, game development and how our new game making attempts are going while we play some videogames.

We are planning on uploading 3 episodes a week for now. And we are releasing the first 3 episodes right from the start. We will also keep making posts in the blog… well as soon as there is something to report!

For now join us as we venture back into game design one episode at a time!

The Skullcast, episode 1:

The Skullcast, episode 2:

The Skullcast, episode 3:

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