Version 2.0 Changes

The new version is here! Many small changes have been made, I also didn’t want to make any huge change that would make the game feel different.

For anyone who played miniDoom before, I’m sorry to say there is no new levels or additional content 🙁

So the changes for this new patch follow 2 principles to hopefully make the game more fun and not lose its essence:

1- Kill faster

2- Players should never get stuck

For the first most weapons got a damage or attack speed buff. Also some enemies might have had their HP reduced. For the second all levels have received many small changes like additional platforms in frustrating sections, better tutorials and more signs and items pointing the way. Also cruel enemy placement reduced in easier difficulties.


The player can now shift the camera up or down, by standing still and crouching or aiming up. Camera returns to normal when moving. The time for the camera to start moving is short, and it starts moving slowly. I hope I landed it right and it never gets in the way of the player.

in orange: Area you couldn’t see before


-Rocket Launcher and grenades now use “Explosives” instead of just “Rockets”. This should clear the confusion of what ammo grenades use.

-Ammo color of Explosives is now dark Red. Souls ammo color is now white. Special ammo color is now bright yellow.

-Explosives now have new powerup sprites and upgrade sprites

-Rockets, grenades and frag grenades have new graphics

New sprites for the powerups, weapons and GUI !!!



Shotguns can deliver a lot of damage, but you have to land a good shot. I found out that many players had trouble doing that, sometimes because of the random nature of the bullet-spread. So I made the shotgun a lot more forgiving by increasing the amount of bullets and range. Landing a good shot should be way easier and landing a perfect shot will be very rewarding.

-All shotguns buffed (landing a full hit will now 1 shot a revenant with regular and 1 shot a caco with super)

-Attack range increased

-Number of bullets (damage) increased

-Stagger chance and duration increased


-Damage per bullet increased a bit to keep up with the shotgun (Still is by far the highest sustained damage weapon)

Rocket Launcher:

-Damage from projectile moved to first frames of explosion. The projectile itself does little damage now. Enemies in direct contact with the explosion as it detonates will take damage as if being hit by the rocket.

Grenades and frag grenades:

-Same change as Rocket Launcher.

-Frag shrapnel will not disappear when outside the camera.

-Frag Grenade damage reduced for shrapnel and increased for explosion and projectile (Damage slightly higher than before). This should give frag grenade damage more consistency.

Plasma Rifle

-Damage increased for both plasma rifles.

Gauss Cannon:

-Attack speed increased

-Deals 1.5 damage to shields (summoner and armored pinky). Many people selected this weapon to deal with Summoners so It seemed a good idea to make it a powerful option against shields.

Dark Claw:

-Increased damage a bit

-Added some background screens depicting its usage. I hope this will make it clear that the weapon is essentially a flame thrower.


Damage changed to have a big burst of damage as cube deploys, then steadily reduces damage for duration (total damage is slightly higher before). This will make cube more effective against mobile enemies.

BFG 9000:

Every new patch the BFG gets buffed! So let’s keep doing it:

-Damage from the projectile moved to inner zone of damage. The projectile itself now does negligible damage, all enemies really close to it will take much higher damage than before (like being directly hit).

-Average damage increased for all damage zones (Max damage not increased).

-Distance for all damage zones increased.

Hazmat suit:

-Duration increased

-Amount of hazmat suits in levels increased. (Or placement improved)


I found that many players started playing by default in “Ultra-Violence” since it’s what they play in Doom. I lowered the difficulty of “ultra-violence” to make it more similar to “bring it on” which is also easier now.

-Hey, not too rough (easy) Added plenty of aid platforms in hard platform sections.

-Bring it on! (normal) amount of enemies reduced on most levels. Added aid platforms in some really hard platform sections.

-Ultra Violence (hard) damage received reduced. Has the old normal amount of enemies

-Higher difficulties remain as insane as ever!

Example of terrain modification in the toxin refinery.



HP reduced a bit

Attack speed reduced

Projectile life time greatly reduced

Cyber-Mancubus acid pool duration reduced

Lost soul:

-HP will not increase before Nightmare difficulty


-Regular caco: HP reduced

-2016 caco: Fireball range reduced, HP reduced

Pain Elemental

-HP reduced

Icon of sin:

-Bonus damage taken from direct rocket hit increased

-Brain now closes immediately after taking damage from BFG


-HP reduced


-Blind jumps reduced by adding ledges, also camera moving should help with this.

-More and bigger signs added to point out where the path or keys are on Mars levels

-Added camera blockers to improve visibility during some fights

-Reduced the amount of “red vines” in levels with red vines

The in-game rocket jump tutorial you all deserved

Many levels:

-Changed places that where annoyingly difficult. Such as places with too many death pits, or sections with too many falling platforms and no solid ground. Seeing people play these sections made me think that this difficult terrain was just not fun to play through.  So many levels that had this kind of enemy or hazard placements have been changed to be more straightforward and less frustrating.

The mancubus blocking the path was not even dangerous, just tedious. Also this was supposed to be a secret section. It should be rewarding.


The blood murals now clearly state that blue bottles mark secrets. Twice. I hope this helps out finding secrets. Also many secrets now more clearly pointed out by bottles, blood or tutorials.

Secret Doors:

-All secret doors received a new graphic which makes them MUCH easier to find (Many players never realized secret doors where a thing). Also tweaked background graphics to make them more obvious.


-Placement of some secrets changed, spread more evenly through the level

-Tutorial for secrets improved (I hope)

-1 new room! (Only new content in the game)

Toxin Refinery:

-More hazmat suits

-Tutorial for rocket boosting added

-Removed possibility to obtain the gauss cannon early. It was not good for properly learning the use of this weapon

Hell Gate:

-New background screens make it clearer to escape rather than fight during final lockdown

-Now have to activate hell portal manually before ending the level

-Rocket jump tutorial is now animated and demonstrates how to perform jump clearly

-Added plenty of ledges in places with many pits


Boxes will now shake when hit to demonstrate they receive damage


Some bugs fixed, among the most notable:

-Tower of babel final boss fight crash fixed

-Pandemonium falling through the floor bug fixed

-Possible crash when killing an enemy that teleported in the same frame it spawned fixed

-Sounds not returning to normal from low bit mode when finishing The Abyss fixed

-Possible error when spawning the floor in the 3rd stage of the Icon of Sin fixed


Thats all for now. Happy demon slaying!

2 thoughts on “Version 2.0 Changes”

  1. Awesome game and brilliant way to combine Doom, old and new, with platforms, and that Icon of Sin… hell-exquisite fight design, but you

    still have a bug from the previous version 1.3.0: Contra’s Spread/Shotgun shot is not summonable in customize options.

    Last version was ok in terms of difficult, people is just too much of a crybaby. Perhaps you can keep both versions to play, 1.3.0 as

    “normal” versions and 2.0.3 as “I’m too scared of demons” version.

    Thank you so much for this awesome game, it really shows how much you know what’s Doom.

    (by the way, email is fake, sorry)

  2. Yo just want to say that with the most recent version my sound has stopped, i tried what u listed in the troubleshooting to no avail, really awesome game, but i want my soundtrack back, please fix it guys 🙁

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