About us

CALAVERA STUDIO was born as a 2-person team with the only intend of learning how to make a video game. Our first attempt at making a game was short and simplistic but despite its many flaws it gathered a small yet enthusiastic group of fans which motivated us to take our joke of game and give it an update.

Today our crew has grown to 3 people and an extended team that helps in various areas of development. Our first projects started being developed in our free time and weekends but since then we have fully committed and expanded our staff to give a professional touch to our work.

Contact info:

Felipe Porcel (Game design and programing)
twitter | newgrounds | behance

Juan Carlos Porcel (Programing and art)
twitter | instagram | facebook

Manuel Soruco (music and SFX)
Vox Populi Studio | LinkedIn

Leonardo Mallea (Animation and art direction)