A Doom pixelart “demake”

We mixed a lot of bad guys from all doom games because there were so many enemies that we couldn’t just stay only on the first two games. Also we think the concept of “demaking” a game is very interesting. Reversing aspects of, for example a cacodemon to make it cute or grabbing an ultra detailed and scary character like a Summoner and make it 60 pixels tall was endlessly entertaining.

Of course, while making all this sprites I always had theirs very-hi-res counterparts near by. I actually bought the Doom 4 art book only to have a legit reference guide to make my silly pixelart.

I used the concept art for everything from colors to ides for repeating tiles for backgrounds and floors.
And here are some examples of the current sprites on MiniDoom 2 vs their original 3D hi-res inspirations:

EDIT: The GOOD FRIENDS from google have removed (and then re-enabled) ads in this page for the third freaking time due to it’s content being VEWY SCAWY, so we had to add a couple nice words, happy feelings and lovely emotions so it’s not to spooky-wooky for google’s tiny innocent baby bots! Thank google for the silliness…

Mister happy skelly:

Super friend inviter:

Happy baldy:


Nice hands:


Fun chubby:

Friendly eggplant:

Happy tomato:


2 thoughts on “A Doom pixelart “demake””

    1. No you can not. Since all these creatures were originally created by ID software, as soon as anyone tries to charges money while using their IP they will take action. It already happened with games like “D**m, the Roguelike”.

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