Improving on MiniDoom: Diagonals

Lately I’ve been busy trying to improve MiniDoom to release a new improved version, but after so many changes it is becoming more of a sequel than a new version.

One of the challenges of MiniDoom’s gameplay is simply to hit enemies that are not directly in front of you. You can only shoot in four directions and you have to find ways to position yourself so that you can hit the enemies. This is most easily done by jumping to hit enemies above but becomes really tricky for enemies bellow you.


This obvious problem is a staple of the platform game, Mega Man NES games were all about this. But even in these games, you were usually given some options to deal with tough situations. In Mega Man you had special weapons; other games like Contra just gave you the ability to shoot in eight directions.


I identified this as a problem early on, and decided to adapt one of the game’s weapons to fill this gap. I really liked Mega Man 3 Magnet Rocket’s design. It moves horizontally then vertically, but it just wasn’t useful enough to make it a core weapon.


Since the plasma rifle and chaingun were so similar I made the plasma a homing weapon. The bullets would be able to go up or down depending if there was an enemy near. This made the weapon kind of homing but not too much as to not make it too easy. It was a good gun, I like it a lot. But it has a flaw: you get it too late in the game.


I realized a new option is needed earlier in the game. And Doom 3 gave me the answer: GRENADES. Another classic game that has almost the same mechanics and uses grenades really well to allow you to hit enemies above and bellow you is obviously Metal Slug.


So then grenades will be coming to MiniDoom in the shape of Doom3’s ugly yellow grenades. They will deal medium damage and the blast will deal low damage, and they will consume your rocket ammo. Due to this change, the rocket launcher will get a buff!


See you next time.


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