2 thoughts on “MiniDOOM – imp and pinky”

  1. Hola.
    I’ll continue in english, sorry my spanish is rather bad.
    I’ve just discovered miniDoom. Holly sh.t it’s awesome ! As a player of the 8bit area, and a very first player of Doom (1993), this kind of stuff really enjoys me a lot. Amazing work you’ve done.
    Meanwhile … I have issue playing miniDoom because none of the 3 keyboard configs suits me 🙁
    For a future release : is it possible to program some kind of config panel for this ? Or by using an INI file ?
    Waiting for miniDoom 2 😀
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, glad to hear that you enjoyed the game! After reading this I’ve decided that it is worth it to go the extra mile and make a menu for changing the controls. Expect this feature, and many thanks for the feedback!

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