Respawning Enemies and Game Progress

During playtesting respawning enemies seemed to cause confusion. People usually play rushing through the stages and killing any enemies in sight, but when required to navigate a stage or backtrack a bit they would start killing enemies that respawn without realizing that they had already cleared that area.

Some of the new decorations and graphics.

This made me rethink the whole respawning enemies deal. Was it really necessary? What’s the point of enemies respawning anyway? I couldn’t find a reason to leave it in game. So now enemies behave much like items. They won’t respawn if you leave the room, but they will respawn if you die of course. The only exception to this is killing rooms. Once you clear a fight you won’t have to do it again even if you die before reaching another checkpoint.

About game progress

More new objects to interact with

I realize there has been a lack of updates recently, sorry about that. We have been advancing steadily but we can’t share many of the things we are working on right now because many of them would spoil the game.

We are currently polishing level design and completing missing graphics. And damn it takes a long time! We also have someone helping out with music and sound (hope I can share more on this soon).

What is this?? I just cant tell you 🙁

That said I will find something or other to update every week, don’t want to stay silent. More stuff coming soon, see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Respawning Enemies and Game Progress”

  1. IT LIVES! NOICE! Glad to see ya not dead… nad also with few tricky cards to play with. I thought u reveal everything done so now game just in polishing study before release, but no – few cool features still top secret! That’s just amazing!

    BTW, doomguy have different death animation? How that blood works at all? Oh and… i rly, rly wana see Slayer suit.. is that possible to you make it as some soft of reward?

    1. Yeah man! there are many things we havent shown yet. I dont think we will add new death animations for the marine, dont know yet… the image above is just for the backgrounds like in the original doom: (like that).
      I also want to add a Slayer skin to unlock. The team is on board with this, I wont say much more but its gonna happen!

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