MiniDOOM – a tiny game!

Latest version: minidoom v 1.3download-game (10.7 MB, windows)

You can download it directly from this page HERE
Or from Gamejolt over HERE
Or from IndiDB HERE


(MiniDOOM 2 will be released around the second week of december! Be sure to follow us on facebook for updates!)

MiniDOOM is very short parody game based on the classic game DOOM 1.  We created it as part of a game programing course we gave over here (spanish only sorry ) to show how to make a simple platformer on GameMaker Studio. You can play MiniDOOM for free! Enjoy!

Launch trailer

Monsters and items

And here are some of the sprites used in the game:

Cacodemon Pinky Imp Zombie
Baron of Hell Lost Soul weps



Game engine and development by: Felipe Porcel
Graphics and animation: Juan Carlos Porcel
Music: The Dark Side of Phobos and Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta. Old doom sounds by Bobby Prince

DooM © by id Software. This game is not for profit. By fans for fans.