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As we mentioned before half the game takes place in hell. We wanted to make a nice transition from mars to hell. So we made a portal loosely based on the one from Doom2016!

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, the artist went ham on the concept and came up with a room that was way bigger than the camera so you have to walk around the room to get the full view of it.

The full room, it’s the end of level6 and the first half of the game.
It has some nice lightning effects in-game but I removed them for the capture because of the camera-shaking too much.

8 thoughts on “Go to hell”

  1. Post reminds meone doom fan song….

    It’s time to purify the crimson rock
    Add to the body count, embrace the rot
    To kill this switch and shut this planet down
    And make them wish that they stayed underground

    3… 2… 1…
    You’ll beg to be sent back
    There is no escape

    Entering my world now, touch down in a cage
    See you in hell
    Inferno, I’m the one who’s fanning the flames
    See you in hell

  2. Forgo to add here part –

    Shouldn’t have left the underworld, ’cause around here
    I am the devil the Red Planet learned to fear
    My hungry chainsaw isn’t going to feed itself
    Hoping that you can get here soon
    See you in hell

    But anyway…. When i saw this portal i understand – shit is now serious. It’s a little scary…

      1. Pretty old stuff… BTW right now i trying to make russian adaptation of text and make same video with russian subtitling (I have Igor’s (singer’s real name) premission already).





    1. If slayer suit happens it will definitely have to be a secret and not a standard powerup. But I do want it to have some impact in the game, not just visual. It will be harder to get so my idea is that it can help people who want to play the harder difficulties, so more oriented to hardcore audience.

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