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MiniDOOM released! Play now!

Our first game is out!, you can download it directly here. Or visit the game page to see screenshots, sprites and info.


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MiniDOOM – alpha footage

A small recording of our very non-textured beta to test weapons and pickups

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MiniDOOM Baron of Hell!

As a first time pixel animator… or animator in any form… I’ll say one thing… FUCK reverse knees…

Baron of Hell

Tiny Baron of Hell

Tiny Baron of Hell

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MiniDOOM – imp and pinky

So here are the first pixel animations for the imp and pink demon!




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MiniDOOM concept art

We wanted to promote Felipe’s GameMaker course and since DOOM 4 is about to be released we decided to remake… o rather repaint his platformer engine with a doom skin.

Thus, here are some of the “concept art” I drew to see how less menacing versions of the demons would look like.