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MiniDoom2 Cover 01

Well here is the first attempt to make a fake box art for the game. Nope, the game wont exist in any physical form, and yeah, it doesn’t really need a cover… But it looks cool! And was damn fun to make!

So I took Inspiration from the old Mega Man covers where there was a bunch on enemies in the back and some ridiculous terrain haha. Also tried to keep the cartoony style as best as I could.

As I explained in our facebook page; I want to make an open gallery in the website for submitting cover arts or just fan art for MiniDoom, I’m sure someone out there can give it a more deserving treatment.

4 thoughts on “MiniDoom2 Cover 01

  1. U don’t mind if i’m cut cover a bit and use this doomguy at fanfiction net as avatar (site rules don’t let me if i have no premission for image)?

    1. Sure man, cut and use any part of the image you want. Also, here is a cropped high res marine:

      1. Why soulcube have no spikes if it’s already flying and ready for strike btw?

  2. This is so good! Keep doing awesome things like this.

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