Imps, imps, imps

You want imps? We have that. We got more imps!

Working on the later hell levels I realized we needed a new flag enemy, someone to welcome you to hell with open claws. And that enemy had to be a good ol’ imp.

Doom3 underrepresented? we demand diversity!

This one is based on Doom3’s imp (lets show poor Doom3 some love). And it is not just a dumb roamer, it will chase you, jump obstacles and cliffs shoot and slash at you.

These imps are quite agile and can jump far.

They can shoot fireballs but prefer to get close and use their claws on you.

Just a few more enemies till we are done showing them all. See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Imps, imps, imps”

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, we have now more D3 (relax fans, i love all Doom series)! After repiting “imps” 3rd time i was hoped, you going to add imps from D4 too somehow…. BTW, Doom 3 imps looks like too powerfull foes. Maybe better made them slower a bit, or without fire at every directions? Or less jumping.

    1. Haha sorry to disappoint, but we wont be seeing D4 imps… I don’t think there is room for even more enemies.
      Yeah the new imp is strong, it is very jumpy and maybe too fast, I need to test it more to know if its OP.
      I did want a strong enemy because it appears in the first level of hell. And it sets the mood for more difficult battles. But by that point you also have more powerful weapons so you should be able to fight them evenly.
      But well it needs to be tested!

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