Changes in patch 1.3.0

Dodge mechanic buffed

After finishing a dodge you will retain its invulnerability for a moment, this will allow you to better recover from it. You can now cancel the dodge animation by jumping, you will retain the invulnerability as if you finished the dodge (so kind of an aerial dodge). To compensate for the buff, the time you have to wait between dodges has been prolonged a bit.

roll or jump through em’

So the dodge is pretty damn important in the game. Due to the large hitbox of the player and enemies, you will soon find yourself in a place where you can’t jump over or duck under an attack.

We want to encourage dodging by making it more powerful and giving it more visual feedback (might add some more effects later). So dodge has to be a very short animation because you lose control of your character, and I wanted to buff it but keep it short and fast. These changes should make it a lot more appealing.

Dark Claw changes

The projectile speed has been increased, this means the effective range has also been increased. To compensate, its ridiculously high damage has been lowered a bit.

making it less Overpowered and more usefull

Also the dark claw can no longer be obtained early in the Dig Site. I thought it might have been an interesting secret to have, but it turns out that obtaining the weapon outside its tutorial area leads to players not learning how to use it or when it is powerful.

Also clearer tutorials and many other minor changes. So dont forget to update.

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  1. With the longer cooldown of the dodge, maybe add a visual indicator when it is available again. Preferably on Doom Guy, so you don’t ever have to take your eyes off what is important. Maybe a flash or blink that will be easy to see and identify when looking at enemies or platforms elsewhere on the screen. I think afterwards, having something permanent on the sprite (or elsewhere on the screen) indicating that the dodge is available, would be nice, so even if you miss the indicator you’ll know at a glance it is available.

    Anyway, Great Game Guys. Absolutely loving it so far. Keep up the good work and I eagerly await your next projects (Plural; because I know you will be successful) (c:

  2. I wanted report a bug or perhaps cheat, after completing second level on the map, going in north direction on the path in the map can allow you to clip thru the map passing 2 levels and even further later on.

    Also why does the Revenant have a Meele attack with animation despite every enemy in the game damaging you when you touch them?

    1. Bug noted! Thanks!
      And Revenants make more damage in melee and have an actual range which reaches way beyond the regualar hitbox.

  3. How can I update without losing my progress??? I’ve been playing for days and I’m absolutely loving the game!!!!

  4. I just want say Thanks so much do so funny game adn so good the art pixel design…the controls are solids, the sounds greats, who knows maybe ID put this game as a mini game on future games…i see so crapy games on steam but this one is fantastic…keep it up!

  5. Having just finished this game (v1.3), I say it is surprisingly well-designed for a “mini” game.
    (and those nods to other games…)

    A few bugs :
    •In Toxin Refinery, the grenade jump tutorial does not seem to work, at least not with the fragmentation grenade. I had to use rockets.
    •In Unholy Cathedral, the last mobile wall after the unmaker sequence makes repeated door noises if one jumps over it.
    •Upgrading from 1.2.3 to 1.3 messed secrets and upgrades count in a saved game. Some could be picked up again, some levels can’t register 100% secrets anymore.

    Now onto my hobby : Criticizing other people’s work. 😛
    •Dodge is powerful, but not easy to get into.
    •Big fights quickly become a mess where monsters just pile onto me, and trying to avoid them gets me hit nonetheless while I don’t hit them, so I end up just taking a beating to at least get a shot.
    •Missing a shot because a monster goes through me is annoying.
    •Orthogonal-only aim while most monsters have free aim can be frustrating, especially up close. The few weapons with auto-aim are not good nor predictable enough to compensate. Free aim would be too a radical control change, but diagonals would be welcome. Thought : Aim directions could depend on weapon and being steady vs moving.
    •Not being able to aim down on the ground is annoying.
    •Weapon switching is as good as it gets, but it still hinders fluid play. Thought : Alternative fire mode.
    •Slow-reload weapons…
    …need a clear signal for “ready to shoot”.
    …are mostly for peek-a-boo shooting, as a near-aim or near-kill leaves one vulnerable longer.

  6. Some Tower of Babel secrets appear unreachable without summoning an item, which feels wrong :
    •The 3d secret (rune on the left with a wide bottomless pit). I had to pull a cacodemon, summon and use a telefrag, and then telefrag again (or die) to get out.
    •The Metroid missile secret. I had to summon the grenade launcher.

    More v1.3 bugs :
    •Hell’s Keep : The exit room has a background that just scrolls away.
    •Tower of Babel : In the fight room before the yellow key, the center of the central pillar looks off.
    •When chain-sawing the contra bonus :
    action number 1
    of Step Evento_saw
    for object enemy_body:

    Variable o_contra1.sawed(100530, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Object_enemy_body_Collision_b6e034ef_87d5_4091_940e_9047d8340c5a
    stack frame is
    gml_Object_enemy_body_Collision_b6e034ef_87d5_4091_940e_9047d8340c5a (line -1)

    1. Hello, thanks for these reports, so many details can get past me and easily cause an error. Summons are never necessary to get a secret (there is even a small clip of me reaching the metroid secret with rockets in the game’s trailer), though rocket jumping can be very tricky to master, I didn’t realize this when testing the game, I have since made many of the rocket jumps a bit easier and added an enemy on the tower of babel to telefrag if rocketjumping seems impossible.

  7. Having played again, I understand some of my mistakes :
    •There is no grenade jump.
    •Rocket boost has a very wide explosion timing and seems proportional to fall speed (or generous explosion distance ?), which is counter to intuition and classic Doom. But does make it easier once you get it.
    But I still don’t get that 3rd Tower of Babel secret. Sideway rocket boost never worked for me.
    •The optimal double-jump timing seems to be a little after peak height, again counter-intuitive.

    And I spotted more issues :
    •Unholy Cathedral :
    1) When entering, it is misspelled “Unholly”.
    2) There is this one last one 49/50 secret I just can’t find despite heavy search.
    •The Abyss : When exiting the toxic fight room, the door back in opens wider than it looks.
    •Many secret doors open weirdly, by shortening their texture instead of scrolling it.
    •When a summoner or resurrecter is chosen, in a fight room or hard-to aim place, missing a single BFG/unmaker shot on them quickly becomes unrecoverable.

    And with this, I am done here.

  8. Guys, first and foremost this game is the most kickass game so far this year! There’s not much that I don’t wholly enjoy. My one singular complaint is that the knockback that enemies do (ESPECIALLY on Pandemonium) is so much it feels unfair at times. I had to restart Pandemonium multiple times before I finally got the telefrag summon in the blowtorch speedrun right. If the monsters are supposed to knock you twenty feet on your ass then I’ll keep quiet. There are just a few moments where it feels downright ridiculous.

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