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MiniDoom2 – Coming Soon

Greetings earthlings. It is the end of November and sadly MiniDoom 2 is not yet complete…

Rest assured we are working hard on it! Or at least as hard as we can and still be able to buy food.

To announce the delay of the game we have made a teaser focusing on some of the new enemies. And I’m saying “some” because there is still plenty you haven’t seen. -Old MiniDoom had 5 enemy types, MiniDoom2 has 18!

There are still so many things we haven’t been able to show and we are really excited to talk about soon. Like the new level selection map, weapon select wheel, new GUI and menus, etc. And there is still much to be done, and we will be sharing that too.

MiniDoom2 will be a bit delayed, but it will be a better game because of it!
See you soon space marines!

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Weapon Spotlight: Chainsaw & Berserk

The beloved melee weapon is back!!


The chainsaw is a high damage, low range weapon that doesn’t use ammo. So you can use it as an alternative to the gun to save ammo.


The main advantage of the Chainsaw is that it will stun any enemy it hits, leaving them frozen in place and allowing you to saw them off to death!


But beware, the chainsaw can only hit one enemy at a time, multiple enemies can still gang up on you and only one will get stunned. The Chainsaw is perfect to isolate enemies and fight them one on one.


Also coming with the Chainsaw comes back the Berserk Pack. Much like in the original Doom, these powerups will temporarily increase your melee power tenfold!!


During the duration of berserk you will be immune to damage and your chainsaw will one-shot most enemies and make them explode as if hit by a rocket. Also, your chainsaw will be coated in flames and have a fiery slash effect, and you will see blood!


Be careful tough, some enemies might be too powerful to get stunned by the chainsaw.

More updates coming soon! See you next time!

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The Arch-Vile

The Arch-Vile is pure evil.

Arch-Viles hates you. They will do anything to see you die and are not afraid to play dirty.

They have two main forms of attack:


They will immolate you summoning flames at your location.arch5


They will quickly revive fallen enemies.


Arch-Vile flames will spawn over you, so when you see the indicator move!


If an Arch-Vile is around, prioritize them over killing enemies, because they will revive them very fast.


Always keep on the move when fighting them.


Arch-Viles are quick and prefer to burn you from afar. But they are strong and hard to kill too, these guys are dangerous.


Arch-Viles and many other enemies will be coming soon to MiniDoom2. Also a sneak-peek into a new movement option: the “dodge” is displayed in one of the captures.

See you next mission, marines.

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Weapon Spotlight: The Soul Cube

Screaming back from Doom3 comes: the Soul Cube!


The Soul Cube uses the same button as the grenades. It essentially IS a grenade. But you don’t always have it available. It charges up with kills. Once you kill enough enemies, your next grenade will become the Soul Cube.


Grenades in miniDoom are meant to help you with enemies not directly in front of you. But they just deal medium damage. They will kill basic enemies on impact, but the blast is small and not very damaging. The Soul Cube however will deal heavy damage!


Much like its Doom3 counterpart, the soul cube is a homing projectile, once it reaches an enemy, it will deploy its blades and slice anything near for a couple of seconds.

It will then return to you and restore all of your types of ammunition, based on how much damage it dealt and if it killed any enemies. Unlike Doom3, it will not heal you, it is meant to help you with ammo management.


The Soul Cube deals constant damage in an area. This means that’s its deadly for slow enemies such as Cacodemons but not that great for Pinkies.


The Soul Cube is a useful tool that will hunt down difficult enemies and restore your ammo, use it as often as you can!

See you space marine!