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The Mancubus

The mancubus is a wall of flesh that will stop your way with constant waves of fireballs.

The Mancubus’ fireballs are slow but powerful. Unlike other projectiles, if you get hit by them you will be pushed back.

Mancubi also shoot a lot!

Be very careful when confronted by them, or you may lose you footing and be tossed around by their fireballs.

They also come in different flavors.

These mighty beasts and more will be coming soon! We will be revealing more enemies as we finish balancing them.

3 thoughts on “The Mancubus

  1. Will the mancubi do anything different like the pinkies? They all have different types of sprites.

    1. No, in this case they all work the same. The only difference is an increase of hit points and ten in damage for the later levels.

  2. Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-ENG-R—I-N-A!

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