Power-ups graphic overhaul

We got new graphics for all the powerups. The sprites and also effects when picked up.

Early on we realized the powerups were hard to notice. They were too small and also it was hard to tell what they did.

Sometimes you could pick up a key or weapon and not even notice. We made and effect for each powerup, and the keys and weapons also display text on screen.

In the ammo department, we completely remade the powerups. The old designs just weren’t useful. Users had a hard time determining what was what. So we used the colors and icons we made for the GUI as a base. Each ammo type has a main color that makes them instantly recognizable.

These are some of the first quality of life improvements we are now working on. Many more coming up.

See you next time.

5 thoughts on “Power-ups graphic overhaul”

  1. Hm, i saw berserk at one of posts, here i see megahealth. Hope you don’t throw out all-good QD, Speed-up, immortality, and invise.

    1. Quad Damage does sound pretty fun, also invisibility. We havent implemented any of them yet, but we might. Inmortality and speed-up will probably not be implemented. Nothing is final yet though.

      1. But why? At really hard situation immortality can save the day (arenas).

        Speed-up (or haste) is just pretty funny. What can be better than fastering fast game?

        1. Well, I was thinking that inmortal is a lot like berserk… though It could be worth a try.
          Speed up doesnt work very well here, since enemies damage you on contact. If you are faster it wont help much in combat cause you can end up running into enemies or shots more. I guess it can help with platforming or to find a secret…

          1. Hm…. really. Only thing that helps in combat is faster shooting but we already have QD. BUT with not very closed rooms with D4 pinky and hell knight, or with imps (they shoting by very slow fireball) it can be useful a bit.

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