The Arch-Vile

The Arch-Vile is pure evil.

Arch-Viles hates you. They will do anything to see you die and are not afraid to play dirty.

They have two main forms of attack:


They will immolate you summoning flames at your location.arch5


They will quickly revive fallen enemies.


Arch-Vile flames will spawn over you, so when you see the indicator move!


If an Arch-Vile is around, prioritize them over killing enemies, because they will revive them very fast.


Always keep on the move when fighting them.


Arch-Viles are quick and prefer to burn you from afar. But they are strong and hard to kill too, these guys are dangerous.


Arch-Viles and many other enemies will be coming soon to MiniDoom2. Also a sneak-peek into a new movement option: the “dodge” is displayed in one of the captures.

See you next mission, marines.

5 thoughts on “The Arch-Vile”

    1. One of our main goals is to smooth out the difficulty curve. Since this game is longer than the first, we will make the initial levels much more accessible, for players to master the game before facing real challenges.

  1. Wow, finally he comes!
    Looking forward to minidoom 2!

    By the way, I got a question.
    May I use graphic effects in Minidoom for a doom mod of mine?
    Such as explosion and soul cube effect.

    I’d appreciate it if you allow.

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