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With the last post about the summoner we have covered all of the enemies in the game, except for a few special cases. I’ll clump two of these extra enemies here.


they don’t deal damage for a second when coming out

These enemies are kind of a level hazard, since they appear only on a single level of the game and only on very specific areas.

They are a very simple monster, just a slow melee attacker. But in certain areas of the level they spawn endlessly from the ground, every time you kill one, another will raise somewhere near. They are a pretty fun obstacle to overcome. Every level in the game has its own unique mechanic like these zombie-like guys.

Cyber Mancubus

don’t step on the puddle

These variation on the mancubus used to be just the same but with more hit points. After reding some comments in the blog, I decided to give a shot at making it a more unique enemy.

So I made an acid version of the shots with some simple particles, the shots are also a bit faster but smaller. And now that a cyber mancubus dies it creates a pool of acid for a few seconds. Also there is a new effect to distinguish when  the player is touching acid or lava.

About the D3 mancubus, hes probably gonna work like the cyber-mancubus but stronger. Anyway it just appears in a single stage.

10 thoughts on “Other Enemies”

    1. Thank you for the feedback!

      Haha wow you are right, they do behave like castlevania zombies… oh well…
      Anyway they are not a standard enemy, they only apear in a few rooms. They are more like a map hazzard, like acid or lava.

  1. Hope there will be are something like DLC with D64 arachnatrons, more D3 Stuff like chainsaw guys, spiders, wraith, and shield-guys, D4 Baron, etc at future.

    1. Yes I also want to make an additional release with more content in the future. Right now the game has 2 maps with 6 levels each. I hope we can make one more map with another 6 levels in the future and get to 6,6,6 haha let’s see how the game goes.

      1. Okay. Hope your hardworking wasn’t just waste of time all peoples will say “This game is little but nice!”. Many my friends skeptical about MiniDoom2 after unpolish first one, but anyway u can do great pixel models…. i have one deal with u in my mind connected with sprites, but DejaVu modification is Hotline Miami stuff and i’m not sure this thing will not die, so better don’t touch u right know (plus i’m not sure how ukrainians can make teamwork with… which nationality are ya?).

        1. Ukraine! Wow, we are from Bolivia, almost the other side of the world. I’m not sure I understand your message, I think there was a translation error. Do you want to collaborate in some way?

          Also, I should give you a special thanks in the game credits, since we actually used your recommendations! Give me your name so we can add you when we make the game credits. Still a lot to do before we get to that though.

          1. My name is Vitaliy Pinkovskiy but add that in () symbols and write it after my american analoge of name – William “Makuzman” Byrne (don’t ask me why… long story).

            P.S. Yup, we noticed that u can make great sprites so i’m with my bro Igor wanna ask u to make for us few sprites because Igor can’t normaly draw faces, but we not sure you can actually work with things we need so… for know just give me you name at Discord pls (mine – Makuzman#0742). If all going to end well we’ll conntact with you.

          2. Well good to meet you Vitaliy, my email is [email protected], my other contact information including social media is in the About Us section of the website. Actually my brother makes most of the graphics, I just did the Marine sprites. I’m mostly in charge of programming and game-dev. His contact information is also there.

            We will surely give you a special thanks for the useful feedback, keep it coming.

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